Popeye Village Malta.

Popeye Village, is a group of rustic wooden buildings located at Anchor Bay in the Mediterranean Island of Malta. This place was created to film the musical Popeye starting Robin Williams. It is now a fun park.

I had never heard about this place until I was in Malta, I was actually going through my twitter feed and saw a photo of it. I had to get there once I saw it.

It was not very hard to find, it is exactly 4 kilometers from the ferry station headed in the direction towards Malta, then you hang a right on Triq Tal-Prajjet and its one exactly 1 kilometer from there, you will run right into it.

When I arrived the place was closing down, so I was supper bummed out, but then I realized that I could walk around this cliff and get an insane view of the entire thing, no need to get in there even if the place was open for business. There is also a road that will take you to the water where you can stand of Popeyes boat dock.

Popeye Village is a must when visiting Malta.

Popeyes Village Malta