Pine Glades Lake Everglades Florida

I shot up to the Everglades yesterday to shoot the sunset. When I got there the clouds were perfectly centered over the Pine Glades Lake. I got out of my car without my camera just to take it all in. The beauty of shooting landscape photography is the opportunity you get to be one with nature, one with the world if you will, for me everything becomes clear and makes perfect sense at that moment even if its just for one second. I was really happy…

I went to get my camera and took some photos from a few different angles, and the sky kept getting crazier by the minute. The clouds stayed like that until the sun set, then the colors took over and the silence of the Everglades set the mood.  This shot isn’t as colorful as the other ones but I really like it, you can see another one with crazy colors on my  Facebook. I will post other ones here a bit later…

Camera Settings: 1/60 of a Second f/11 ISO 160 15mm

Pine Glades Lake Everglades Florida

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