My friend Karla reached out to me to do a really cool photoshoot on the beach. Somehting different, somehitng that was not your typical Miami photoshoot on the beach. After she showed me her outfits I imediatelly thought of a goddess with some sort of super power.

I think we accomplished what we were looking for. I mean with such a beautiful and talented model its hard to mess it up. We shot at sunset for about an hour.

The crazy thing about shooting on a public place is that you start to get quite the crowd around you as the shoot goes on, as if it was some sort of public performance… Well I suppose it kind of is.

When I shoot a model, I usually narrow photos down to 1-2 photos. I decided to pic a few so you guys can check them out and see that its possible to get a nice variety of photos with in an hours time. You just have to plan, have a good team around you and execute. You can find Karla here.

Witch one is your favorite?