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Photos from an airplane

Here is a fun post. Photos from an airplane. Do you remember being a kid and riding in a plane for the first time? I sure do and I loved looking out the window, fact of the matter is I still do. Here is a small sample of photos I took from some of my travels. I have hundreds and hundreds of this photos, I always take my camera and take photos from my window. I know I am not the only one that does this because I always look around and there is always people doing the same thing. I love how the small things in life put a smile on peoples faces.

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photos from a plane

photos from a plane

Plane photos

photos from a plane

photos from a plane


  • Lynne Kaplan says:

    Yeah, I have quite a collection myself. I choose my seat on the plane by what side will give me the best views. Aerial views are such a kaleidoscope of colors, patterns and textures. But cloud formations are pretty darn hard to compete with!