My Photography Gear What I Use In The Field And In The Office

My Photography Gear from shooting landscapes to shooting in the studio

Photography gear. What’s in My Bag? That is a question I often get asked so here you have it, this is from my bag to everything in it. I keep it updated as I add stuff to it or replace gear. Let me know if you have any of this gear and your experiences with it. Check out this post I did on how I pack on my daily photo adventures.

Even though the gear is not the most important thing for a photographer especially one starting out, it is a good thing to have decent reliable gear. I have put together the exact gear I use from the software to my cameras and everything in between.

When you first start out keep in mind that all you need is a camera and a lens. Most people are really confused about what kind of lens to get, I recommend a zoom lens, like a 24-70mm. Why a zoom lens, well because you have a nice range to play with. You can shoot really wide and you can get tight on your subjects.

What is the most important thing about photography gear?

This is a question that is not so easy to answer, however, let’s break it down. It will be different for every photographer out there as we all have different tastes, needs, styles and wants.

Here are some things to consider. Size, size is very important nowadays as mirrorless cameras have come out and are very light and compact. If the size is important to you, mirrorless cameras are something to consider. When shopping for lenses think of the things you will be shooting most. Are you going to focus on portraits? If so, a nice zoom lens might be better for you or a prime lens like a 50mm. If you are going to focus on landscapes like my self, you might want to spend your money on a wide lens, as it is the most popular type of lens for a landscape photographer.

Another thing to look into that many people do not think about is photography courses. I actually still study other photographers and learn from them quite a bit. Here are two amazing photography courses I recommend.  Number one is Annie Leibovitz, and my other favorite is Steve McCurry. If you are going to purchase any photography course, these will change your life.

I get all my gear from B&H Photo and

If you are not sure what gear to use and need to rent a camera or a lens (I often do this before I purchase a lens) you can do so from Borrow Lenses or

You can see all my current gear here.

photography gear what do I need to start as a photographer