Photography Apps

This is a list of my favorite iPad apps, from traveling apps to photography apps to games. These are the ones I use on a daily basis. I also rock the Twitter app and the Facebook app, but that goes without saying. Please feel free to add to the list and share your list. I’d love to find more :)

1. My number one iPad app has to be Stuck On Earth. Whether I’m traveling across seas or just finding a cool spot locally, this app is just amazing. This app is not only for photographers but also for explorers and daydreamers. Created by Trey Ratcliff. Make sure once you get the app, you check out My Top 50 Secret Spots In Miami. Check out this screenshot: (update this app is no longer available)

Screen Shot 2011 11 16 at 4.14.49 PM

2. KAYAK is my number 2. I love to travel and this app makes it easy to book everything with a few clicks. It even picks up your location finding the airport nearest you.

3. This Weather app tells me the weather anywhere in the world. It’s great to have when you are traveling or planning for the weekend.

4. SiriusXM is just great, I have my favorite music and radio shows right in my pocket wherever I’m at. I love it.

5. The Art Basel app is an amazing application during Art Basel week. This week is madness and this app lets you know where everything is, from all the artists to all the performances. If you are into art then you know art Basel is one of the biggest art shows in the world. Another perk of living in Miami Beach.

6. The Smugmug app is a great app to have, its a great way to carry your portfolio. I can share it with people when I travel or present my portfolio to any art gallery. If you have Smugmug you have to get this app.

7. Flipboard is an amazing app. This app combines all your social networks, magazines and news sites giving you lots of reading material all in the palm of your hand. A must-have.

8. I love poker and Zynga Poker is the best poker app out there. This is a great way to connect with your friends worldwide on a great poker match. You can find me here often.

9. I love movies and that’s why I love this Trailers app. It keeps me current with all the cool movies coming out and all the bad ones too. I love movie trailers :)

10.iBooks is a great way to keep your books organized and all in one place. It also includes the iBookstore so you can just click and purchase your next read.

These are my top 12 peeps, I hope you enjoy them and please share with your friends and Subscribe by Email. I would love to find out what apps I’m missing out on please list your favorites below.