Perez Art Museum Miami.

Good afternoon people, just wanted to drop a quick rant about the new Perez Art Museum in Miami Florida.

I heard this place finally opened so I decided to check it out, how disappointing. Listen I am not one to bash something or someone but if I am a paying customer I certainly will speak my mind.

20131226 DSC 7558

Upon my arrival I immediately noticed that this place was not finished, from the parking garage to everything else. Completely disappointing. Now why would you rush and open this if it has not been completed? Well it looks like they wanted to open it for Art Basel but in my opinion it just back fired on them. I mean who wants to walk thorough a construction site?? You even run the risk of getting a flat tire and getting stuck.

20131226 DSC 7530

Inside and outside this place is an amazing piece of architecture. I love every bit of it. The Art well not so much, it all feels rushed, something so amazing should never be rushed. They could of waited and had a much more meaningful reaction, I can assure you I am not the only one that feels this way.

I will not be visiting this place again until its completed, and by that I mean all the construction equipment out of the way, the parking garage finished and well a bit more excitement inside.

Perez Art Museum Miami

I hate to sound so negative but I do not want to pay to go into a construction site. When this place is completed it is going to be amazing, for now save your cash and wait a bit longer for this place to be finished.

I was much more moved and interested in the architecture of the building it self than anything else in the entire building. My 2¢ . . .

Perez Art Museum Miami

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