Street Photography

In my opinion street photography is one of the hardest forms of the art. It is scary out on the streets, not only that but you have to be like a ninja and have some big balls. I sometimes go out and shoot street, it tests all my senses and helps me understand a bit more about the world. I think this is the best way to sharpen your photography skills no matter what kind of photographer you are.




Joanna Krupa

Here is a shoot I did with Joanna Krupa a while back. This was loads of fun and she is super cool, very down to earth and full of funny things to say. I like meeting people that are cool and not stuck up. Thank you for being awesome Joanna Krupa. I shot this at the Mandarin in Miami Florida. It was supposed to be a sunny day but for our luck rain started coming down, however it looks great in the photo.


A day with Marsha

Meet my friend Marsha, she was visiting Miami and that meant a couple days of some crazy adventures, from jumping into the Miami waters to riding the motorcycle to some of Miami’s coolest spots and loads of laughs in-between. Ohhh yea we got rained on while riding the bike, that sucked, we had to pull over and wait it out… Marsha is awesome she has a blog of her own you should check it out, its all about luxury and vegan food and some more awesomeness. You can find her at

Marsha is awesome, anyone that gets on the back of my motorcycle with me to go take photos is a bad ass in my book…





Photoshoot With Zulisa

Every time I get the chance to work with a beautiful model I take it. Meet Zulisa, she was awesome to work with. I took her to Wynwood to pull this off. It is always great when you work with someone that is naturally talented like Zulisa. As far as lighting this was quite simple, a hand held sped light and the lens I used was a 70-200mm. Overall one of my favorite shoots of all time. Thank you Zulisa for being amazing!!! Isn’t she beautiful?

Street Portraits

This is one of my favorite street portraits I have ever taken in my life. I shot this at Outside Lands a music festival in San Francisco California. Well I was sitting there waiting for a band to come onstage, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of people, when I turned around this couple was hanging out and it happened so fast but he went in for a kiss, that’s when I picked up my camera and snapped this photo. It’s so in the moment and the timing could not be more perfect. I love the story the photo tells.

Camera settings:
1/800 sec F4.5 ISO 1000


Lovely sunrise at the Jetty with Rachael

Here is one from a really nice sunrise on the beach. Once I got done shooting the sunrise, I started shooting Rachael as she was checking out the amazing scenery. I love how this picture came out, no posing all natural. The moment was perfect. Shout out to the lovely Rachael for hanging out :)

Camera settings:
1/160 F4 ISO 100 70-200mm