Become Ukraine’s Guardian Angel

Become Ukraine’s Guardian Angel. My friends at Skylum need our help. Skylum is based in Ukraine. Currently, Ukraine is suffering greatly from the devastating Russian invasion. You can read more about Skylum’s next steps here. Despite everything, the Skylum team will continue working as best as they can. They’ve already released a new Luminar Neo 1.0.2 Update with more functionality and bug fixes!

By getting the new Luminar Neo, you can support Ukraine. 10% of all profits from the sale of Luminar Neo will go to humanitarian organizations that are helping Ukrainian people, including the Skylum team. This is how you can become Ukraine’s Guardian Angel.

Become Ukraine's Guardian Angel, best sky overlay collection for pro photographers Become Ukraine's Guardian Angel

You can also help by donating directly, spreading the news, or gifting your drone. Thank you for your support! Stand with Ukraine.



Fine Art Nude Photography Tutorials and Photos

Let’s talk about Fine Art Nude photography tutorials and photos. I have been shooting beautiful ladies for a very long time. In fact I started shooting girls about a year after my landscape photography career started.

It is a passion I have always had, but never really post about it, until now. I have just created my Fine Art Nude photography website. It is called It is full of tutorials, and behind the scenes footage so you can see how I shoot these beautiful ladies.

Event if you are not really into fine art nude photography, you can still learn a lot from watching the videos and how I do things. This techniques can be applied to any style of shooting as long as you are shooting a person. If you love beautiful woman, then this site is for you as I have lots and lots of photos of pretty ladies and the site continues to grew every single day.

I am also putting together a Fine Art nude conference that I will be announcing soon. The last one I put together was a massive success. I had over 100 attendees, 10 beautiful models and it was a great time. This one is going to be bigger and EPIC.

Drop by and say hello at my Facebook group I created as well. You can ask questions and share your images on here as well. I hope to see you there so we can chat about Fine Art Nude photography tutorials and photos and everything else happening on  the new website.

Fine Art Nude Photography Tutorials and Photos


If you want to know what I am doing about my landscape and city scape photography, let me tell you, it is still my absolute favorite. So that is not going anywhere. I will be posting epic landscapes from around the world and continue to fill this website with those beautiful images.

Naples Sunset

Naples Sunset. I went to the West Coast of Florida this past weekend to shoot the sunset. Naples to be exact. I haven’t been to Naples for a hot minute, and like always it never disappoints. The sunset is always epic over there, its rare when you get a bad one. I’m not sure if its the geographical location, but the sunsets are almost always epic.

I shot this with a 150-600 mm lens so I could get some compression. Meaning bring the sun forward making it look massive as much as I could. Sometimes I wish I had a 2x converter. Maybe is time to get one. If you are ever in South Florida, take a day to check out a Naples sunset. You will not be dissapointed.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets. Pick up a copy, you wont regret it.

Naples Sunset

Are you interested in a private tour in Miami? I will take you to the most epic spots here so you can build your portfolio and learn the tricks of the trade. You can book it here.

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch. Here in Miami we have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and guess what? They are free :) I shot this from one of my favorite spots in Miami Beach, sunset harbor. I must say if you are are photographer or simply enjoy beautiful sunsets this is the place.

Check out my best photography spots list for the best places to shoot the sunset, and if you want a private tour, you can book one with me here.

I shot this photo with a 70 to 200mm lens to get the sun to blow up a bit. As you can see I waited for the right time to catch the sun right in the middle of the buildings. What do you like better sunsets or sunrises?

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch