One on One Photography Workshops

Do you want to improve your photography skills? Do you want to learn how to take great photos? Do you want to learn camera settings? Do you want to learn how to post process your photos? Do you want to learn how to make them pop? In my photography workshops, you will learn that plus much, much more.

I am a full believer that the only way to learn anything is by getting down and dirty. Photography is no different. By going out to take photos you can experience some real-life scenarios that no classroom in the world can teach you.

Think of photography like a muscle, the only way to make it bigger and stronger is to work out that muscle right? You can develop your photography muscle by going out and taking lots and lots of photos. Remember practice makes perfect and in this particular field perfect takes a lifetime.

If you would like to hire me for a one on one workshop where I can teach you how I do things and how I chase the light, post-processing along with having a lot of fun. I am available anywhere in the world. Please get in touch with me and I will happily answer any questions you might have.  Now get out there and take some pics!!!

I also offer one on one drone lessons, I will teach you how to become an amazing pilot and how to take some insane photos from the air.

My one on one workshops and they start at $150.00 Please get in touch with me to discuss. Please subscribe to the blog to get updates on coming up group workshops.





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