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NYC Street Photography

No doubt my favorite places to be when I go anywhere is where there is lots of people, (crazy people), I mean what better way to get to know the place by observing the people right? NYC Subways is no different, I can spend hrs down there, its like another world. I actually did, sometimes staying until 3am, thats when the freaks come out. This are my favorite photos from the streets and Subways of NYC from my last trip there last month. NYC Street Photography, gotta love it.Check out my Street Photography Tips Here. Spread the love people.

Click Here to download my Lightroom Street Photography Presets.








Click Here to download my Lightroom Street Photography Presets.

  • […] It took me a while to get comfortable with doing this, you never know if your going to get punched on the face or get a good reaction. I must say I have been pretty lucky and only had one bad incident. You will get asked to stop and delete the photos from time to time but I usually ignore them and get lost in the crowd. I try not to make eye contact, go up to someone snap and disappear. You will find that 90% of people out there like their photo taken. Its their 15 minutes of fame. Click here to check out my New York Street Photos. […]