NYC Rocks. I just got back from NYC. I came back with lots of stories, lots of photos and learned a ton. I love NYC, altho it was freezing cold and very wet, I had a blast. We would literally wake up and go shoot, It was awesome. I feel like most of our plans were ruined by the wether or some sort of unforeseen madness but we work well under pressure and killed it out there anyway. I think NYC is one of those places no matter where you look you have an amazing photograph, almost like cheating you know, all the elements are always there all you have to do is be there with a camera. NYC is one of those places you can build a carrear out of, wether you shoot landscapes, cityscapes, street photography or really any kind of photography the opportunities are endless. I heart NYC. Here is one of my favorite pieces of architecture in the world, it always takes my breath away. Spread the love peeps…

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