BAP Union Night Pictures

Yesterday I posted my aerial photos of the BAP Union ship, they are super cool, but these are my favorite. I love shit shots, I had to go around to the other side to ge the other 2 photos, even though I wanted to go home, I stayed and got what I think are some great photos.

These are all shot at different settings, I wanted to get the starburst effect on the lights on the ship and good movement on the clouds.

What one is your favorite out of the 3?

Settings: 30 seconds f22 ISO 100

Settings: 58 seconds f22 ISO 100


Settings: 78 seconds f22 ISO 100


Hotel Inglaterra Havana Cuba

This is one of the coolest paces to check out in Havana. It’s a really cool old hotel but not only that, there is a really cool bar on the roof complete with live music and really cheap beer.

Now if you look at this picture close this is not the actual hotel, it is only the sign, this is the building next to it, but you get the idea.

I really liked it here, the roof top overlooks the Parque Central and it is amazing.

Nothing beats live music, cold beer, and an amazing view specially in Havana.


How to edit a night cityscape in Lightroom

In this video I will show you how I edit this awesome cityscape in Lightroom. I shot this from a rooftop and it was epic. The weather was perfect, the sky was nice, the moon was amazing… It was just perfect. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Chanel for new daily videos.


Miami Beach Sunset (76 of 107)-1

First Miami Dolphins Game at New Hard Rock Stadium

Here is a picture of the New Miami Dolphins Stadium. The new name is the Hard Rock Stadium and it is very cool. I went to watch the firs game after the renovation. I took my dad compliments of my good friend Rick.  I’m not a Football fan at all, but I love hanging out with my dad, specially at sporting events.

Camera Settings: 1/100 F14 ISO 1600 14-24mm Lens

Miami Dolphins Stadium First Game (16 of 92)

Chevy Power Glide

Walking the streets of Key West at 1 AM I found this awesome Chevy Power Glide.  I am a total car guy and I absolutely love cars. This beautiful car a caught my eye when I was looking for an awesome place to shoot. What more awesome do you want?!?!?  I quickly stopped to admire the lines and the attention to detail.

I love old cars, but I really love “Rat Rods” I’m not sure what category this falls into but I really like this car.  I shot it for about 45 minutes and people stared coming up to it and taking pictures with it.  It’s funny to see how people act when there is someone with a camera taking photos. In their mind they think someone looks professional and its taking photos, I better get a photo my self ….



Dubal Street (20 of 102)

Dubal Street (15 of 102)  Dubal Street (23 of 102)

Dubal Street (27 of 102)

Dubal Street (29 of 102)

Dubal Street (32 of 102)

Dubal Street (37 of 102)  Dubal Street (45 of 102)CheDubal Street (39 of 102)