New York City Rocks

New York City Rocks. Here is a vid I put together of my last trip to NYC. I have been posting photos randomly but will make a post about all the photos from this trip. There is so many more, all in all a great 5 day photo journey with my hommie. I shot this with 2 Nikon D800’s on one I was shooting video and time lapses and the other one stills. Whats better than one camerea? 2 :) I love photography and all the doors it opens, its almost like an excuse to go do awesome stuff. Photos rock… Spread the love peeps, go take some photos and share them with the world…

Check out the guy playing drums at the end of the vid, hes bad to the bone, I sat there and watched him for a while, I was mindblown…

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Here is one of the photos from the video :)

NYC Rocks

  • Galerie Modern Art, Timmendorfer Strand says:

    GREAT NEW YORK FEELING VIDEO! Will be back soon, New York baby! Thanks Edin… ;-)