Burning Man is Canceled

Burning Man is Canceled. Is it really?? Say What?

Have you ever been to Mars?  I have,  and many times over. It’s not really mars, but it sure feels like it.  I have been going to burning man for a long time. However, I haven’t gone for a few years now. I guess I got a bit tired and wanted to travel to other places during those dates.

Let’s get back to the topic, Burning man is canceled! Really??? No no no, not really, but for the past 2 years, it has been canceled due to the pandemic.  What a bummer, because burning man is good times to be had. Imagine all your best friends that you have never met, having the time of their life on a completely different planet where everything goes… That’s kind of what burning man is like.

How crazy would it be if burning man gets completely canceled? Well, I’m not sure if that will ever happen, but if it did, I think we would be ok. This past year during “burning man” or canceled burning man, lots of people showed up to black rock desert to do a “renegade burn”. From looking at the photos, it was EPIC. So no you have nothing to worry about. To see the photos, check out Instagram hashtag #renegadeburn

I’m ready to go home! Are you?

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Burning Man is Canceled, burning man is permanently closed

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Las Vegas Shooting

Today is a very sad day. I woke up only to find out that there had been a shooting in Las Vegas Nevada. It is so sad to see all the violence going on in the world today. We need to change, we need to be kinder to one another and to spread smiles and love, not hate.

I can rant on for hours about this, instead, I made a small video. My heart goes out to all the people affected by this terrible tragedy.


This is a very old photo I shot back in 2010 when I was first getting into photography. I remember I really didn’t know what I was doing, I just wanted to shoot. A couple of my friends and I went into this abandoned place in Reno Nevada and hung out there all day. I took lots of shot but this is one of my favorites. How time flies…

DSC 0138

Sunset Motel

I love signs, I always find my self taking pictures of them. I think it is important to persevere them even if its with a photo. I shot this a while back in Reno Nevada. I found it so cool, I added a texture to it and this is the result.

By the way, did you look at this awesome phone booth???? I wonder if it’s still there!!!

I love it how it came out :)


Reno Nevada Sign

Here is on I shot in a really cold miserable morning in Reno Nevada, I remember I was freezing my tail off and I just could not get warm. When I looked out the window of my hotel and saw the colors I had to go outside and take a picture.

I started walking up the stairs of this particular parking garage just to get the blood flowing to warm up. As soon as I stepped foot outside I was miserably cold all over again.

I love how the picture came out, makes the chills all worth it.

Camera settings: 1/80 sec f4.5 ISO 100 70mm (70-200mm lens)


Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights is an incredible event that takes place in Reno Nevada. If you like cars, from new cars to classic cars this is the place to be. Thousands of people from around the world gather here with an insane collection of cars from old to new. This is a great family event or a great place to check out some wicked rides.

I my self love cars, and this place is eye candy, I have been attending this event since I was 15 years old, yes that long. If you ever get a chance to attend you should, there are great concerts, awesome street food, and of course some insane collector cars.