Natural light portraits. When it comes to portrait photography or headshot photography, I love to use strobe lights or constant light, however natural light can be really beautiful when it is used correctly.

When I first started in photography, I actually started doing headshots. I became really good at them and to this day thats how I make a good chunk of my money.

Of course when doing headshots I use 500 watt strove lights, however you can take some incredible photos using nothing but the sun. You can also see an example of these type of photos in my Fine Art Nude site.

As you can see, these portrait is being 100% by the sun, however it is best if you wait until the golden hour. The golden hour happens once the sun starts to go down. Thats when you get that beautiful golden light and the beautiful skin tones come to life. This is the best time to shoot natural light portraits.

Remember that if you want to get blur in the back you have to shoot at f 7.1 or below. If you want to get really nice blur or Bokeh, open up your lens to f 2.8 or the smallest number your lens will go to. This is the best way to get those beautiful natural light portraits.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets. Download them and give them a shot.

Natural light portraits

Natural light portraits

About the model:

Mercedes, you can find her on her instagram.

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