Vegandale Miami

Vegandale Miami. I just got done shooting Vegandale Miami and it was a blast. There were around 10,000 people at the event, and it was great to see so may people come together to have a great time. I learned that most people are vegans for the love of animals. That is great to see. The entire community is so amazing, and lots of people brought their doggies. As an animal lover my self this was incredible to see.

Vegandale contacted me to do lifestyle photoshoot for them and also to cover their event. I was not sure what to expect, but I must say this was one of the funnest events I have covered. As far as the lifestyle shoot, the models were super fun to work with and the entire team was awesome to work with.

For this shoot I used my Sony camera and a 70-200. I was able to get some really cool shots using this set up and at the same time packing light. I also used a constant LED light at full power to mimic the sun and light up the models just right. You can see the light was put about 6 feet to my right hand side to cast a really nice light over the models and the set.

Vegandale Miami, miami event photographer


Can you guess my favorite photo? We shot for 4 hours and out of these 4 I think number one and number 3 are my absolute favorite. What one do you like best?



I can not wait for next year to cover Vegandale again. The most loving group of people gathered together for one great cause under one roof. Is about the food, about the cause, and of course, it is about the people. If you get a chance to visit Vegandale, I highly suggest you do. Its fun and they have great food too :)

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Steve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in Miami. Here are some awesome shots of Steve Aoki in Miami at the Bitcoin Conference. My team and I covered the entire thing and it was a blast! A ton of work but a blast to say the least. There were so many celebs, and cool people all over. What a massive conference and a great place to make incredible connections and take some epic photos.

This is actually the 3rd or 4th time I shoot Steve, he is a ton of fun and the energy he brings to the stage is awesome. He never disappoints!

I shot this entire show with a Sony a7 IV. I just picked it up and I like like it, I’m not going to lie, however I like the Nikon colors way better. The Sony is so small and light, its hard to walk away from it. Caring the Nikon D850 with massive lenses all day can get a bit tiering.

For now, I will keep the Sony and possibly get another one as a back up. My Nikons still work great, I am still going to keep them as I use them for my landscapes. For events however, the Sony will do the trick., and the more I use it, the more I like it.

Steve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in MiamiSteve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in Miami

Steve Aoki in Miami Steve Aoki in Miami

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Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch. Here in Miami we have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, and guess what? They are free :) I shot this from one of my favorite spots in Miami Beach, sunset harbor. I must say if you are are photographer or simply enjoy beautiful sunsets this is the place.

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I shot this photo with a 70 to 200mm lens to get the sun to blow up a bit. As you can see I waited for the right time to catch the sun right in the middle of the buildings. What do you like better sunsets or sunrises?

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch

Miami Sunset and Best Place to Watch

Private Miami photography tours

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Miami Sunset

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Private Miami photography tours

Miami Photography Tour00014

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Miami photography tours

miami photography tour, visit the most iconic places in miami

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Miami covered in Fog

Miami covered in Fog. I absolutely love it when Miami gets a new look. I find it fascinating when we get a fog frot. It’s magic city in the clouds. I shot these images a couple days ago, I woke up and I had to go get some shots of the skyline looking dreamy.

I know most of it is covered in fog, but it makes for very interesting images. I particularly like the first image best. You can see the bottom of the skyline, the port of Miami bridge and of course, a massive crew ship making a u turn right in front of it all. This is Miami covered in Fog.

Miami covered in Fog

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Lifted Jeep at Sunset

My friend just purchased a really cool Lifted Jeep and wanted me to shoot it for him at sunset. We both set out on a journey that got us to this particular spot. This is a popular location to photograph cars as you have a few palm trees and the Miami Skyline in the back. Once the sun started to set we realized there were no clouds and no color in the sky.

This is a really common problem when it comes to photography, we can only hope for epic skies every time, however this is almost always never the case. In fact more times than not, we have very bland skies. This is why I created This is a complete library of the most epic high resolution skies shot from around the world by me., and all the collections are super affordable.

Anyhow, after swapping out the sky for an epic one, using Luminar AI, and afterwards I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets. I think it’s safe to say the photo of the Lifted Jeep turned out EPIC…

cool photo of lifted jeep at sunset, cool photo of jeep, lifted jeep

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