Good morning people, how is your weekend going? Mine is good, just got done cleaning a bit… Anyhow, I am working on a new Miami time lapse, so I have been scouting places like crazy. I don’t really know people with amazing views or have access to crazy cool places (I’m not that cool) so every spot I find I either have to sneak into, or its a common place having to look at it with a different eye.

I was at this place to get a certain shot I have been wanting to get, little did I know that I would find a great spot to shoot timelapse. I have lots of spots, now its just a matter of getting there with my gear at the right time. Wish me luck…

If you can make bad ass music, I am looking for a bad ass beat for the new one from 3-6 minutes long, if you can make it happen contact me.

Here is a time lapse I made a while back. I actually licensed some of of this clips to a show so you might see some of it on TV. (make sure you watch it on HD)

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Miami at night