What a crazy Monday here in Miami. It all started with a text last night, next thing you know I am stuck in bumper to bumper trafic trying to get down town to shoot the Miami Heat parade 2012. What made everything really bad was that I really had to pee but I couldn’t because I would miss the thing.

Finally I made my way to a parking spot miles away, then I jumped in the people mover and it was worse than the traffic I had just escaped. Anyhow, here are some photos of what took place this morning from the people mover to the walk back to my car in sequential order… and no I didn’t get to pee the entire time…. Spread the love peeps… #HEATNATION…

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Anything fro the Champs

Lets Go Heat XV

DSC 0656

Chapms Heat XV

Shorty Heat XV

Bosh Heat XV

Heat XV

Heat Nation XV

Heat Die Hards

Heat XV Ends