New horizons

This is the view I currently have from the place I live, however, do to Hurricane Irma I have to leave my house and go find a new place to live. I was here for almost a year, and it flew by so fast. Crazy to think how fast time goes by. I never thought that I would be looking for a new place to live due to a hurricane. Now that is the case. It is bittersweet, I really like where I live and loved catching the sunsets here nightly. It is going to be hard to beat.

I am a full believer that everything happens for a good reason, and I know good things are going to come out of this. Moving is one of the most stressful things you can possibly deal with, and I can’t wait until it’s over.

Hopefully, I find a cool spot soon that compare to this epic views…. Check out my list of top locations to shoot in Miami.

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Model Madness Recap

I hosted an awesome event over the weekend with my friend Sam. It was a great success, to say the least. Our goal was to have 30 photographers, and we hit our mark. The total was 30 photographers, 4 models, 4 lighting setups, and a few people helping out. The most important part is that we had plenty of space to be very comfortable.

As much as I wanted to shoot the models, well, I really couldn’t, I was working. I was trying to help people out individually, park cars, make sure the models did not need anything and well just trying to make sure thing ran smoothly. (between you and I, I have shot most of them before)

This larger events can be a bit tricky to navigate, however having done a fair share in my day, it was not a big deal. People were happy and some wanted to sign up to the next event on the spot. We are organizing something for Halloween. I will have something up on my Workshops Page.

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Miami Boats After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma left a bit of destruction behind. From a lot of trees all over the place to boats, I mean lots of boats. The Miami waters look like a Hollywood set from a Sci-fi movie.

I have visited a lot of marinas in the past couple days, and all of them have boats all over the place. Talking to the workers there were a lot more boats before as the owners and insurance companies have been showing up to salvage what is left of their vessels.

I shot these at a marina close to my house. There are so many boats here and these are some of the leftover damage. I shot all these with my Mavic Pro and I edited them with my DJI Lightroom Presets, the Coastal Preset to be exact.

Looking at these photos makes me a bit sad, what once was someone’s dream to have an incredible boat, is now just litter in the ocean… A reminder of the power mother nature carries.

Sunken Boats Miami 1

Sunken Boats Miami 9

Sunken Boats Miami 8

Sunken Boats Miami 7

Sunken Boats Miami 6

Sunken Boats Miami 5

Sunken Boats Miami 4

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Life after Hurricane Irma

It has been a very hectic 9 days. We have been preparing for hurricane Irma and after it hit we are preparing to be normal once again. It has been hard here in Miami. We lost running water, power, and internet of course.

Miami looked like a ghost town, everyone was hiding out, once the storm got here we sat for 12 hours waiting for the rage to pass. A minute felt like an eternity, we couldn’t leave, just sit in silence with mother natures roar outside the window. Waiting was the only option.

Once the storm finally passed people headed out the-the streets, we were in shock, there were trees and trash all over the streets, around every corner in Miami.

People started to get frustrated, there was no water (running or drinking) and with no power, there was no place to go cool off too. It was terrible and people started to lose it. Slowly power began to come back, and neighborhoods started to get cleaned up, it’s a process that is still going on but people are much more relaxed now. Here is how my day went.

I shot it all on with my favorite vlogging camera and my Mavic Pro. I edited the photo with my Dji Lightroom Presets coastal to be exact.

boat in a football field

Hurricane Irma aftermath Miami Florida

I woke up bright and early to see what had happened in Miami after the Hurricane Irma paid a visit with winds if the excess of 100 MPH. This was a crazy and very tense experience. I am very happy to tell you that the damages were not as devastating as they could have been.

I am also very happy that I am able to write this post so you can read it. After experiencing this insane Hurricane named Irma, I was happy to see the streets were no longer flooded and clean up started immediately.

Here are some of the images and video I was able to capture this morning. I am safe and can now say I have experienced mother nature in full force.

As the sky closed in and a light breeze started, we know what was about to unfold. Now the sun is out the skies are clear, as if nothing ever happened.

Miami will never forget such an event and will come back stronger than ever. Stay strong Miami.


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Photos of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is here. I have been hiding indoors for 6 hours. The storm is so crazy insane, the entire state of Florida is stuck in a wind tunnel. There is a lot of damage from what I can see in through the balcony. The entire building is shaking all you hear is the roar of mother nature. Cranes are falling down streets are flooded, mass chaos and destruction is happening as I write this post. Here are some images and some footage of the early stages of Hurricane Irma.

Mother nature always wins.

I shot this photos with my Nikon D800 and my favorite lens ever Nikon 24-85mm.

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