Miami Beach gets crazy during halloween. Here is what went down on Miami Beach Halloween on Lincoln Road 2012. I made a short video so you can see the amout of people and the craziness that goes down during Oct 31. Most people cary a flash and shoot beautiful woman, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I tend to go for the more artsy stuff. I like the less posed photos, a moment you can actually capture instead of someone just posing for the cam. Here is just a few of the shoots I took. You can also see more on my Facebook. I went out around 8pm and didn’t make it back home until a bit after 2am. I hope you had a great halloween…

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Killer Clown

Rock Star takes the show 1 of 11

Midnight Mass 1 of 1

Why us 1 of 1

Coffee anyone 1 of 1

Thats a wrap 1 of 1

The Last Smile 1 of 1

As close as Ill ever get 1 of 1

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