It’s Thursday, where did the week go? Seems that just as soon as I start to catch up the week starst over…Anyhow, so I wanted to tell you about my Miami Beach First Annual Photography Hunt I am hosting here in Miami Beach. I have a photography club here called The Miami Beach Photography Club, and we have been talking about doing a photography scavenger hunt, and I am extending the invite to you. I have done a few of this on my day and they are lots of fun, not only do you learn about more about photography but you also get to work with other photographers in a really goofy fun environment.

The concept is very simple, you show up with a camera, and I will give you instructions on what to do next when you are there. I will be selecting a winner and the price will be one of my photographs printed on metal worth $500.00

We will meet on Sunday August the 19th on the corner of Alton and Lincoln Road infront of the move theater here in Miami Beach. There you will see me and my crew handing out instructions of what to do and where to submit your photos. I really hope you can make it as it is lots of fun and who knows, you might walk away with bragging rights, one of my photographs, and most importantly new friends… Have a great rest of the day and I will see you there peeps. Spread the love….

Miami Beach