Miami Beach Beach Huts

Miami Beach Beach Huts.

I walk by this beach huts every day, they come in all shapes and sizes and they are all super cool. This particular day the clouds were just right, it was over cast and the lighting was perfect. I shot a lot of them but this three are my favorites.


Anything beach related I just love, maybe its just the mood the beach puts me in. It truly makes me happy, something about the water, warm weather and just being outside…


I like them both B&W and in color not sure what I like best so I just thought I would post both side by side, I suppose depends what kind of mood I’m in B&W or color. What do you like better?

Miami Beach Beach Huts

Settings: ISO 100 F16 74 seconds with a 10 stop filter. Shot in mid day edited in Lightroom.

  • Enoc LJ says:

    Both look amazing, however I’m a bit of a B&W fan anyway. All are magnificently shot though.

  • Hariraj says:

    Beautiful work.

    Personally the first one is definitely B&W, the second I would prefer the color one mainly because the tones in B&W make the the water behind on the right side uneven and the third one it is a hard call. The B&W is really happy looking but those lovely rich colors on the left one are truly lively.

    Either way they are all refreshing to look at.