Camelot Days

I shot these photos about 5 years ago at the Camelot Days here in Miami. Its actually a really cool medical festival where everyone is in costume and fully in character, not only that but pictures are welcome. The festival actually has a photography contest and I won it this year or the year before…. Good times at the Camelot Days.







Camelot Days Medieval Festival

Good day people. This past weekend was my first time attending the Camelot Days Medieval Festival and it was amazing. What a cool event. I have to tell you I am hooked on this, I will be attending this thing and other events like it from here on out. I didn’t really know what to expect but upon my arrival I was greeted by a beautiful lady dressed time period correct, I was hooked from that point on. From all the costumes to the events it was just super cool. If there is things like this going on in your neck of the woods I highly recommend attending and bringing your camera, people are happy to be photographed.. Here is a few photos from the event… You can see more on my Facebook…Spread the love peeps…

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