Azure Window

Azure Window in Gozo

I have never been to Azure Window before and only seen a few photos, so I had no idea what to expect. When I got there I couldn’t help a smile on my face. I mean its popular for a reason right?

The place was not very busy and I was very happy about that, I managed to get a few really good shots when the sun was still out, but this one after the sun had set just does it for me. I walked around the rocks for a while and tried to find a good spot, I shot a few frames form different angles but this is my favorite. I like how you can see the pool below and the winds going through the window.

After I got done shooting I was a bit hungry and thirsty, for my luck they have a very nice restaurant right here where you can get some really nice local wine and some great local eats.

Camera Settings:

86 second exposure at f/16 ISO 50 shot on a tripod on bulb mode cleaned up in Lightroom.

Sunset photo of Azure Window in Gozo Malta

Sunset photo of Azure Window in Gozo Malta

When you go there make sure you bring a tripod and a bottle of wine or drink of your choice, a blanket and something warm is not a bad idea. Now that you are all set up get ready to have a great time taking some incredible shots.

About Azure Window:

The Azure Window is made of a limestone known as Lower Corallian. This is the oldest rock found on the Maltese islands. The rock, which is subject to erosion, gives Malta its distinctive coast while the Upper Corallian influences the landscape of the interior.

The arch is disintegrating because large pieces of rock have begun to fall from the underside of the arch. The rate suggests that the arch will completely disintegrate within a few years. Its dangerous condition has led to warning notices being placed along the cliffs to stop people walking over the top of the arch. In April 2012 a large piece of rock was dislocated and resulted in the window being made larger and more unstable, as well as a reduction in its nearly perfect oblong shape.” Wikipedia.

Saint John’s Cathedral in Valletta Malta is Covered in Gold

Saint John’s Cathedral in Valletta Malta

I have been to hundreds of temples, churches, and cathedrals all around the world, but none have impressed me as much as Saint John’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is located in Valletta Malta, and it’s straightforward to find just ask anyone you see, and they will point you in the right direction.

Every corner of this place is covered with something, from the floors to the ceiling there is not an empty spot.

All the gold you see is gold leaf done by hand. In fact, while I was there, an artist was working on restoring a wall. I remember thinking while watching her, It must take months to do a small piece.

I walked around inside for about an hr, and I couldn’t get enough, I was mesmerized by its beauty.

Saint John’s Cathedral

The interior of Saint John’s Cathedral, in sharp contrast with the facade, is extraordinarily ornate and decorated in the height of the Baroque period. The interior was decorated mainly by Mattia Preti, the Calabrian artist, and Knight. Preti designed the intricately carved stone walls and painted the vaulted ceiling and side altars with scenes from the life of St John.. Wikipedia

Getting here is not hard, just ask around if you get lost but when you walk in if your jaw is not on the floor, you are in the wrong place.

About the photos:

I used a wide angle lens to get the job done. I did not use flash and shot everything handheld. Here are the settings: f2.8 ISO 1600 14-24 mm lens. The shutter speed varies from 1/40 of a second to 1/120 of a second. All shot with my Nikon D800e

I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

Saint John's Cathedral in Malta Church made out of gold in malta valletta

Saint John's Cathedral in valletta Malta

Golden Church in Malta

Most beautiful church in the world

Famous church in Malta

Valletta Malta Church

Church made out of pure gold

Pure Gold golden church, valletta malta church

Have you ever been? Drop me a line, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this masterpiece, I always wonder why we don’t build things like this anymore.