This is my last Post of 2012. In some parts of the world is already 2013, but where Im at we still have a few hrs so here is my last post for the year.

What can I say 2012 was an amazing year, lots of great things happend, lots of new friends, lots of travels, lots smiles, tons of photos and great memories.

Here is a photo from yesterday, after a crazy night, I woke up itching to go fly my kite. I went out there but the winds were insane on the beach, I tried to fly only to crash a very nice camera and rig. Shortly after I put everything away and stared dooing long exposures with my ND filter, a fun day all in all. Click Here to See how I took this photo.

A very special thank you to all my loyal readers, you guys rock… Until next year peeps, have an amazing rest of your day wherever you might be. Spread the love…

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2012 Ends