Las Coloradas Mexico/ What you see here are huge salt evaporation ponds for sea salt extraction. Some of them show peculiar colors due to microorganisms in the water, like the pink lagoon. Note that in order for you to catch the ultra pink color, the water needs to be in direct sunlight, the best time to catch this really cool phenomenon is at noon on a clear day.

I shot this with my drone, and of course, it is best if you have a model to make the photo more interesting or simply add the human element. Who is the model I brought? Her name is Mercedes, without this shot wouldn’t be as cool, however, you don’t have to bring a model for this place to be epic. If I would have been alone, I would have asked someone there or simply used myself to give the place some perspective.

I edited this shot with my aerial presets. They are tastefully re-mastered.

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Las Coloradas Mexico

Las Coloradas Mexico, where are they and why are they pink. the pink lagoon in mexico,

If you want to visit these places, I highly recommend a guided tour. To go on your own is kind of an adventure and hard to find the cool spots.