Naples Sunset

Naples Sunset. I went to the West Coast of Florida this past weekend to shoot the sunset. Naples to be exact. I haven’t been to Naples for a hot minute, and like always it never disappoints. The sunset is always epic over there, its rare when you get a bad one. I’m not sure if its the geographical location, but the sunsets are almost always epic.

I shot this with a 150-600 mm lens so I could get some compression. Meaning bring the sun forward making it look massive as much as I could. Sometimes I wish I had a 2x converter. Maybe is time to get one. If you are ever in South Florida, take a day to check out a Naples sunset. You will not be dissapointed.

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Naples Sunset

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Miami Sunset

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Panama City Lights

Panama city lights. One of the greatest rewards about traveling is being able to explore the places you visit. I actually shot this from a rooftop bar at El Casco Viejo in Panama City while enjoying a nice cold beer. I set my camera on the table and waited for traffic to pass by so I could get the light streaks you see at the bottom of the photo.  You can actually book a place to stay here. This is the spot.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets.

panama night photography, where to get night photos of panama

Chasing the Light

Chasing the light. My endless quest to catch the perfect sunset never ends. As I walk along the shoreline and look up at the sky, the colors pull me in. As the light changes, I start to look around desperately to find a composition, this particular spot had a dingy tied to the rocks at the bottom of the sea, I had to use it as my main focal point before it disappeared into the night.

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Chasing the lightChasing the light, miami sunsets

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Edin Chavez NFT

Edin Chavez NFT. Today I dropped my first NFT, although, by the time this post comes out, the NFT will have already sold. A lot of collectors ask me about my NFTs and all I can say is that I will be releasing more soon. This one was released as 1/1 and it’s call Hands of God. You can take a look at it here.

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Boca Chica Key Florida Sunsets

Boca Chica Key Florida Sunsets. Boca Chica Key Florida is only accessible by boat. If you are a really good swimmer, you can also give it a shot! JK, it’s not that close, however, it is a must if you are in Miami and know someone with a boat. This is a tiny island with this beautiful lighthouse. The sunsets right behind it giving you a chance to take a great shot.

I wanted to get something different so I used this anchor point as my main focal point with the lighthouse behind it. I think it came out really cool and different than how most people shoot it. If you ever get the chance to go, you should however bring plenty of mosquito repellent. You will get eaten alive once the sun starts to set. But hey just look at this photo, it’s all well worth it.

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Boca Chica Key Florida Sunsets

boca chica key florida

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