Tuscany Italy shot at sunrise

Tuscany Italy shot at sunrise. Have you ever been to Tuscany? If you have not, you need to get to Tuscany ASAP. Even if you are not a photographer you must go. I can’t begin to explain how beautiful it is. And well if you have been there, you know.

I shot this one bright and early in the morning. My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed put on my pants, grabbed my camera and practically ran out the door. As soon as the air hit my face I instantly woke up and just like that, I was on my way to shot the sunrise with a fat grin from ear to ear, like a kid on Christmas morning.

It was a chilly morning, but I did not care, all I wanted was to experience a sunrise in Tuscany Italy. I got to this particular location and I put on my 70-200, threw my camera on a tripod and got shooting. I love the way the sky turned out.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets. Download them and give them a shot.

Tuscany Italy shot at sunrise

Fine Art Nude Photography Photos

Here is a little video I made showing you what I do when I shoot models. When I created FineArtNude.club I wanted it to be a website to look at beautiful girls and also learn about photography. Not only do I have tutorials up, but I also have BTS videos of all the shoots that I do.

Here you can see how I handle my camera, how I place my lights and also how I speak to the models.

It is very important to see the interaction I have with models in order to understand how to create a great repore with them. That energy will come through the photos. I invite you to come look around and check out some of my free content. I can assure you, not only that you will love the girls, but also learn something from it.

Fine Art Nude Photography Photos

Become Ukraine’s Guardian Angel

Become Ukraine’s Guardian Angel. My friends at Skylum need our help. Skylum is based in Ukraine. Currently, Ukraine is suffering greatly from the devastating Russian invasion. You can read more about Skylum’s next steps here. Despite everything, the Skylum team will continue working as best as they can. They’ve already released a new Luminar Neo 1.0.2 Update with more functionality and bug fixes!

By getting the new Luminar Neo, you can support Ukraine. 10% of all profits from the sale of Luminar Neo will go to humanitarian organizations that are helping Ukrainian people, including the Skylum team. This is how you can become Ukraine’s Guardian Angel.

Become Ukraine's Guardian Angel, best sky overlay collection for pro photographers Become Ukraine's Guardian Angel

You can also help by donating directly, spreading the news, or gifting your drone. Thank you for your support! Stand with Ukraine.



Naples Sunset

Naples Sunset. I went to the West Coast of Florida this past weekend to shoot the sunset. Naples to be exact. I haven’t been to Naples for a hot minute, and like always it never disappoints. The sunset is always epic over there, its rare when you get a bad one. I’m not sure if its the geographical location, but the sunsets are almost always epic.

I shot this with a 150-600 mm lens so I could get some compression. Meaning bring the sun forward making it look massive as much as I could. Sometimes I wish I had a 2x converter. Maybe is time to get one. If you are ever in South Florida, take a day to check out a Naples sunset. You will not be dissapointed.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets. Pick up a copy, you wont regret it.

Naples Sunset

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Private Miami photography tours

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Private Miami photography tours

Miami Sunset

Our Miami photography tours are completely private meaning its only (and a friend if you bring one). No strangers along the way.

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Private Miami photography tours

Miami Photography Tour00014

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Miami photography tours

miami photography tour, visit the most iconic places in miami

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Panama City Lights

Panama city lights. One of the greatest rewards about traveling is being able to explore the places you visit. I actually shot this from a rooftop bar at El Casco Viejo in Panama City while enjoying a nice cold beer. I set my camera on the table and waited for traffic to pass by so I could get the light streaks you see at the bottom of the photo.  You can actually book a place to stay here. This is the spot.

I edited this photo with my Lightroom Presets.

panama night photography, where to get night photos of panama