Kite Photography

Good Monday peeps, I am packing to go on a 15 day trip to San Diego and driving up the coast to Burning man. I wanted to leave you with my latest. I recently started tinkering with Kite photography and I love it. It is so crazy and so much fun. This is my third successful photo shoot with a kite, from a kite at 500 feet up. This is after many failures and a very expensive camera dropping from the air breaking. If you look close you can see me holding the line in some of this. I will be doing lots of this on my trip so stay tunned for some crazy arial photos… Ill see you in the West Coast… Spread the love peeps…

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  • Toad Hollow Photography says:

    What a truly incredible series of images! Great concept executed just perfectly!

  • Jean Yzer says:

    hello Edin, you are the only person I know who went to Burning man this year. Have you posted any photo’s yet? I have been watching the streaming video and listening to the radio broadcast this week. Barely gives me any sense of the real thing I am sure. Look forward to seeing pictures. thanks, Jean – Lincoln Road photo.