Good morning people, I woke up kind of in a rush, I just realized I leave for India tomorrow and I have nothing ready. I while back I posted on my FB a link to Kerala Blog Express to be sent to India and blog about it for 3 weeks. I got some votes, not a lot but some. (I discovered this thing 3 days before voting was over) (thank you to everyone that voted) Luckily it wasn’t just about votes, and as it turns out Kerala Tourism picked me to be one of the bloggers for this trip, and I am really exited :)

Immediately after I got the email, I applied for my Visa, and it took a while but it finally got approved. After that I purchased all my flights and I am now fully ready to get out of here for a few and go check out India. (besides packing) For the next 3 weeks I will be blogging and posting more often than usual. Please don’t get annoyed I will try to only post really cool photos :) You can follow my twitter feed @edinchavez and #keralablogepxress to see what I am up to over there. I will also be posting on my Facebook and of course here.

I have also added a translator to the blog, if you look at the top right hand side you can see a translator so you can pick your language (I will be adding more soon) and all this madness will be translated.

Here is the Keralas announcement to the world.

My Visa

A list of my soon to be bff
Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 10.11.32 AM

The Itinerary
Kerala itineraty

Thank you again to everyone that voted and to everyone that reads and subscribes to my blog, without you guys this would of never happened. See you guys in India.