This photo is a tragic one. I happened to be out there on the morning of September 25 2016, this was the morning where Miami Marlins Pitcher passed away in a boat accident in Miami Beach. This happened on Government Cut close to the Jetty.

This particular morning I headed out that way (to the Jetty) to shoot the sunrise, however I changed my mind last minute and decide to go up to the rocks on 35th street. I arrived there around 5:45am I could see in the distance lots of emergency lights, I thought to my self it must be a drug bust.

I learned later that morning what had happened, I shot a few frames of the place simply trying to capture some lighting, to my surprise this lighting bolt hit exactly where the accident happened during the accident clean up. Kind of weird… My heart goes out to Jose’s family and of course the Miami Marlins family. I was privileged enough to have seen him pitch a few games and also to stand on that pitching mound an pitch an opening game.

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