Shot of the Day-Man in Blue

This is Barcelona Spain late at night in La Rambla, the guy you see there in blue is actually the gate keeper, he was waiting to close the gates there at the end. This place is really cool, you can get easily lost in the city laid out like a maze. I was actually on my way home when I shot this, what caused me to stop was the man in blue, after shooting this I waited to see what he was doing, about 15 minutes later he walked up to the gates and locked them up and took off.

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The Man In Blue 1

The Man In Blue

Shot of the Day-Shopping Madness

This is the apple store in Manhattan, it’s a really cool structure, its made out ouf glass and the actual store is underground, no matter where in the planet you are at, every apple store is always packed, no doubt we are all addicted to our i products. I’ll post more photos of the store in the near future so you guys can check out how cool it is.

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Shopping Madness

Shopping Madness

Shot of the Day-House of Worship

San Francisco California, I was on a morning walk and when I got to this park and in the distance you could see this cross, it was a really foggy day and visibility was low, but this cross you couldn’t miss.

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House of Worship2

House of Worship

Shot of the Day-Marys Plaza

This is the New Trade Center in Miami Beach Florida. The architecture is beautiful but the park around it is amazing, the wall on the right hand side turns into a giant screen and every Wednesday they play movies for people to watch for free.

Marys Plaza

Marys Plaza

Shot of the Day-The Broadway Hollywood

I took this a couple months ago while I was in LA. I was actually driving to the Hollywood sign when I made a wrong turn. I ended up on a street that overlooked LA and I snapped the shutter a few times before continuing to the Hollywood sign. This is one of my favorite photographs of that trip. ISO 200 56mm F/18 1/80

The Broadway Hollywood

The Broadway Hollywood