Kerala Best Photography Spots Human by Nature

Kerala Best Photography Spots. To go to Kerala, India is to enter god’s own country. Kerala is a magical place, full of beautiful people and beautiful destinations. From the streets of the villages to the tea fields in the mountains to its pristine beaches. Kerala truly is a perfect place to create beautiful, timeless images.

Human by Nature highlights the soul of Kerala and its people. It is how we connect with our surroundings that makes us human. I personally connect with my camera. These are Kerala’s best photography spots.

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Kerala Best Photography Spots Human by Nature

Below is a list of Kerala’s Best Photography Spots. These are so many places to visit in Kerala, however, do not get caught up with all these places.

The best part of Kerala is its people. They are so happy, beautiful, kind, and easy to photograph. Often you can simply walk up to them, smile, point at your camera and they will usually nod their head giving you permission to take their photo. The villages of Kerala is where you will be able to get the most stunning of images. You will get to see and experience Kerala and its people how they really are.

Kerala truly is a paradise for any photographer especially street photographers.

best places to photograph in Kerala india human by nature


The gear I used for all my photos: Nikon D800 with a Nikon 14-24mm  (most of these are shot with my wide angle) and a Nikon 24-85mm.  A MeFOTO tripod and a wide-angle is a must. I edit all my images with my Lightroom Presets download them and give them a try.

These are Kerala’s Best Photography Spots

1. The Villages. When you are in Kerala the first thing you will notice is the beautiful smiles all around you. From kids to adults everyone is smiling in Kerala and it is very contagious. Walk the streets to get some epic street photos.  Lens I recommend is the Nikon 24-85mm Lens.

Kerala best photography spots human by nature india best photography spots kerala best photography locations Kerala India Human by Nature-12

2. The beach. Kerala is full of beautiful beaches facing the Arabian Sea. No matter what beach you pick or you go to you can not get a bad photo. Pro tip: Wake up early to get the best light and empty beaches.Kerala beaches best photography places in kerala india

3. Kovalam Cliffs. Kovalam is an incredible place with amazing beaches surrounded by cliffs. You can catch the most epic sunsets from here. Best lens to use is an ultra-wide.Kovalam cliffs sunsets best photography spots in Kerala

4. Kerala Backwaters. The Kerala backwaters are a network of brackish lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian Sea. They offer overnight private boats that you have to experience. It’s here where you can take the most beautiful images. Best time to shoot (any).best photography spots in kerala back waters back waters of kerala Keralas back waters best photography spots keralas backwaters sunsets

5. Munnar Tea Plantations. You will absolutely fall in love with the tea plantations of Munnar. I can spend hours here photographing these incredible views.  Best time to shoot is during the photography spots in kerala back waters Munnar tea fields views

6.  Wayanad. When in Kerala the views from the mountains of  Wayanad are incredible. Best time to shoot is at sunset.

Wayanad mountains sunset best places to photograph in keralaWayanad sunset best places to photograph in kerala

7. Poovar. Take a boat ride and photograph Poovar during the day. It has spectacular views you won’t see anywhere else in the world. This is a must.The Arabian Sea, best photography spots in kerala

8. Fort Kochi. Kochi is a beautiful place, especially when you get on a boat and go to the fort to photograph the sun setting over the fishnets. Lens recommended is a zoom, preferably a 70-200mm. I shot this with my wide-angle. Unfortunately, that is the only lens I with me. fort kochi sunset over the fishing nets, place in india where the sunsets over the fishing nets

9. The fisherman. You can find fisherman next to any body of water in Kerala. Wake up early and hear them sing while putting ropes and nets in the water. It’s something to see. They will swim out to the middle of the ocean to set the lines. It’s beautiful.Fisherman in kerala india fishing best places to photograph in the world fisherman at sunrise in kerala india gods country Indian fisherman india best photography spots

10. The Arabic Sea. When you are close to the ocean simply point and shoot. It is incredible. Pro tip: use the fisherman boats as a foreground for your composition.

The Arabian Sea in India the indian sea The Arabian Sea Kerala Best spots to photograph

Human by nature kerala tourism campaign

11. The Street Markets. In any village, you will find street markets. These are full of color and incredible to photograph.

Keala street markets best photography spotsKerala has a way of getting into your heart. When you arrive there your heart immediately fills with happiness and joy and you can’t help to smile. When you immerse yourself with the culture, the food, and the place, you soon become one with your environment. It is truly amazing that a place so far from the home can feel so close to my heart.

The food is incredible, the culture is beautiful and the people that call this place home are real, human by nature. Kerala stole my heart.

Kerala best photography spots

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Indian Fisherman

Indian fisherman are amazing. They wake up way before sunrise to set everything up, then work their asses off. Its quite sad to see all the efforts they put into their craft often for nothing at all. I watched them and talked to them for a while, they said more times then not, they go home empty handed….

Faces of India


Death, its the only thing we all have in common and by that I mean all living things. Sooner or later we are all going to face it. I consider my self lucky because I faced it (besides a horrible car wreck I sat behind a desk wasting away for years) and realized that in the blink of an eye it can all be over and eventually will be over, and then non of this is going to matter.

I say do what you want, when you want, never look back and wish you would of followed your heart, your dreams, its not easy but you should say fuck it and go live it up, after all you don’t have much time.

I shot this in Kerala India, this was in the morning and I watch this man open up his store, it was located between a few other businesses selling coffee and fruits. What a thing to sell right a comfortable palace to rest when you actually don’t need one…I want to be burned to ashes…

Settings: 1/100 of a second, F6.3 ISO 800 14-24mm lens


Kerala Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters.
One of the coolest things I did in India was take a house boat throughout the Kerala Backwaters, I have to tell you that no matter what I say here you will never fully understand until you actually experience it, and yes it needs to be in your bucket list. Here is a short video made by Stark Communications so you can get a better idea.

Read on…

Kerala Backwaters India

Talk about a fairy tail. Let me tell you. This aren’t your typical boats, this are really cool boats from some sort of weird dream you had as a kid.

A houseboat is loaded with rooms, and all the animates you would expect in a hotel or at your own house. There is a Captain and a Chef and they are at your feet. If you want to stop somewhere and get something or check something out, all you have to do is say so. If you are hungry they will cook up a feast for you, if you are thirsty not a problem, what else do you need to completely relax and get lost in pure bliss?


When we hit the Backwaters I was tired and in need of a break, I had no idea what I was in for, the entire trip had been go, go, go, and I figured this would be no different.


Boy was I wrong, I finally realized that we would be in this boat all day until the next morning. As soon as I realized this, I put my camera down and work was over. I pulled out my laptop and started playing some music cursing through the backwaters with a cold beer in hand. Working had gone out the window at that point. No more thinking about photography or blogging…


This truly was an incredible experience, you get to see all the locals along the back waters and they are all so happy to see you. The boat cruses really slow so you can truly take everything in.


We made a few pit stops along the way to get some essentials, we were dancing and the whole thing was super chill. Much needed after a few long days of work.


Even though I put my camera away and I was done with photos for a day, I did manage to snap this few shots for you guys to get a tiny idea of what I’m talking about. Just with like anything else, I feel its always important to put your camera down and relax and enjoy whats in front of you, you can burn your self out and turn a good trip into a long work trip, this was starting to happen to me until we hit the house boat. I hope all of you get to experience this once if your life time and this is not my last Backwaters trip.


A special thanks to Rainbow Cruises for hooking us up with a killer boat and better yet an amazing unforgettable experience. If you ever make it out there tell them I sent you to get a great deal :)

Have you ever been? Id love to hear your experience in the Backwaters, drop me a line below.

Sunset form The Leela Hotel Kovalam Beach

Sunset form The Leela Hotel Kovalam Beach.
If you ever make it to Kovalam Beach in Kerala India, you have to go to this place, it has incredible views and well the place is just amazing. This was actually the same sunset I shot from my previous post My First Indian Sunset. I walked down to the rocks and tried to find the perfect spot to shoot the sunset, then I realized I had left my tripod in the buss, luckily I always carry a baby tripod in my camera bag for this same exact reason, (I get spacey when Im exited) its not the best but its good on a pinch. I had to find a new spot and re adjust do to the tripod situation but I managed to get a couple decent shots from this location.

I quickly realized this was going to be a really good trip. (scroll to the bottom to see a how I edited this photo to get this look)


Here is a couple BTS photos of me setting up shot by my good friend Dina aka @DuaRansel. You can see here site at She rocks!!! Thank you DINAAAA!!! (scroll down to see the video)



Here is a video where you can see what I did to edit this photo and get this type of look. Drop me a line below Id love to hear your thoughts!!!

Kerala Smiles

Kerala Smiles.

Its those eyes that I miss and the smiles that I love. Everyone is so happy in Kerala, not sure whats in the air but its definitely contagious. Everyone looks at you with this great big smile, from ear to ear, you can’t help to return it.

I can’t wait to go back and be surrounded with honest happiness, the girls are so beautiful, when they smile at you you can’t help but to be in a great mood. I can walk around in India for days at a time just taking photos. I fell in love with Kerala.

Kerala Girl in the Bus