How to make money with your blog is something everyone wonders about. I certainly did when I first started my blog. 

Why does every photographer need a blog? The answer is simple, to get your message out there and to make more money. A blog is critical to everyone trying to run a photography business

Let’s break it down. When you have a blog, you can offer things to sell. These can be digital downloads, classes, courses or merchandise. You can even sell email access to you or a skype call to your readers. You would be surprised how many people are actually looking for this sort of services. These are things you can’t really offer on a photography portfolio site

Starting a blog is not as hard as you would imagine, and it should be priority number one right after launching your portfolio website. 

If you look at most great photographers, they all run a blog. Not only can you sell things out of your blog, but Google loves blogs. Every time you post a blog, Google ranks you, and the more you post, the better you look in googles eyes. 

What is that mean, well if you want to do work in a local market, all you have to do is write a blog post about the area you live in. Such as “best places to eat,” “best places to photograph,” “things to do” etc.

You get my point. These are things people are continually looking for on google, and for a great reason. Because there are tons of blog posts on the internet about such things. 

I recently did a podcast with where I talk about how I make money from my photography blog. It is crazy to me to think of all the photographers out there, that do not have a blog. I can assure you that as soon as you start a blog, you will be closer to making more money as a photographer. 

How to Make Money With Your Blog

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This is Why Every Photographer Needs A Blog How to Make Money With Your Blog