Homeless Portraits.

I have always been intrigued by people. I always find my self talking to all types, but homeless people intrigue me the most.  I want to know what happened, how did they get to where they are. At one point they were somebody’s little bundle of joy right? I often go to the beach and hang out with them, some are really sick and some are completely normal, they simply gave up or could not overcome an obstacle in their life.

It is amazing when you start talking to them you realize they are just like you and me, nothing different, they want to be loved, understood and hugged from time to time. In this project  I wanted to capture their soul by looking beyond their eyes with my camera.  Next time you see a homeless person dont be so quick to judge and disregard them. Lend them a hand instead…

Please keep checking back as this is an on going project and please help me spread the love. . .

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