Have you ever gone shooting and you just weren’t feeling it? Did you put your camera away or did you just keep trying only to realize everything you were shooting was garbage??? Let me tell you Halloween night was a perfect example of this. I have been looking forward to this night all year, why you ask, well here in Miami Beach is a giant party, everyone is dressed up and thousands of people take over the streets.

Upon my arrival I realized I was not in the mood to take photos, not even a little bit, and even tho I live a block away from the madness instead of putting my camera away to enjoy the festivities I kept trying to take photos. I quickly realized that the last thing I wanted to do was hold a camera, I was even starting to get annoyed. After my failed attempt at taking some cool photos I finally put that thing agway 2 hrs later and just hung out and enjoyed the festivities but at that point I was kind of annoyed so I just went home.

Whats the lesson here? Its simple if you don’t feel like taking photos DON’T its not a must just because you are in a cool place (unless your on assignment), this has happened to me before and I hope it never happens to me again, next time you don’t feel like taking pix, just don’t, trying will just make everything worse… Here is some of the ok pix I got before putting the cam away…

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