Daily Photo-Gloomy Sunset At the Pier

Gloomy Sunset At the Pier

Road trip to the West Coast, car stereo messing with us, unexpected airport stops, missing exits, the most Dangerous Alley in the Planet, crazy lady with crazy stories, Red Bulls, death, Vultures, mosquito attacks, photos, finding our destination, amazing walks on the beach, photos,  fisherman caught a Shark, more photos, cursing the strip, Irish pub, Coronas and shrimp, Rocking Fliks yo, storm coming in, staining in the rain completely drenched shooting this amazing sunset, mission accomplished, gangs, kidnapings and fooling the most dangerous Gang in the planet on the way home. What a day, lets do it again…





  • Jaci says:

    Hey, I could not say it better myself. Must make a do over! good times.

    -I think those gators are still pissed at us yo

  • Lourdes says:

    Valio la pena es un bello atardecer!!!

  • Taylor says:

    Is this my sunset? Is it because it’s gloomy lol You know how amazing I think you are I could say it all day long.