Flowers at Bok Garden

Here are some random flowers I shot at Bok Tower a while back. This place is so beautiful, from the time you walk in to the time you leave you feel something so peaceful inside. As I walked around in this beautiful garden the colors kept popping up graving my attention. It felt as if I was living in a ferry tail. I was perfectly content with my situation. As I exited the place, I entered this incredible flower filled place, I was like a kid in a candy store. What made this even more special was having my parents with me.

bok-tower-294-of-313 bok-tower-224-of-313 bok-tower-293-of-313 bok-tower-283-of-313 bok-tower-214-of-313 bok-tower-247-of-313 bok-tower-242-of-313Fl

Art Basel 2013

Good morning and happy Sunday, here is a quick post of whats coming for this December for Art Basel 2013. I will be unveiling my new Floret Collection at Art Basel this year. I am super exited and invite everyone to come see it. I will have more on this coming soon. For now feel free to check it out and share this with your friends. Have a great rest of the day…

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