One more from Zulisa

Here is one more from Zulisa, I did this post a few days ago, but I just found this image going through the galleries. What can I say she is just amazing. I had such a great time with awesome people during this shoot. I love it when all I have to do is press the shutter.

Camera settings:
1/80 f4 ISO 100


Photoshoot With Zulisa

Every time I get the chance to work with a beautiful model I take it. Meet Zulisa, she was awesome to work with. I took her to Wynwood to pull this off. It is always great when you work with someone that is naturally talented like Zulisa. As far as lighting this was quite simple, a hand held sped light and the lens I used was a 70-200mm. Overall one of my favorite shoots of all time. Thank you Zulisa for being amazing!!! Isn’t she beautiful?

Photoshoot with Karla on the beach

My friend Karla reached out to me to do a really cool photoshoot on the beach. Somehting different, somehitng that was not your typical Miami photoshoot on the beach. After she showed me her outfits I imediatelly thought of a goddess with some sort of super power.

I think we accomplished what we were looking for. I mean with such a beautiful and talented model its hard to mess it up. We shot at sunset for about an hour.

The crazy thing about shooting on a public place is that you start to get quite the crowd around you as the shoot goes on, as if it was some sort of public performance… Well I suppose it kind of is.

When I shoot a model, I usually narrow photos down to 1-2 photos. I decided to pic a few so you guys can check them out and see that its possible to get a nice variety of photos with in an hours time. You just have to plan, have a good team around you and execute. You can find Karla here.

Witch one is your favorite?

Boudoir Photo Shoot

Boudoir Photo Shoot,
Happy Friday peeps, here is a shoot I did the other day in my studio, I used 2 lights, you can see the set up on the last photo. I mainly used 3 lights with an octo as my main, a beauty dish as fill and a 30 degree grid on the back for an accent. I turned off the beauty dish often to change the mood of the photos. If you have any questions drop me a line. Thank you for dropping in peeps… Spread the love…

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20130901 DSC 3668

20130901 DSC 3761

20130901 DSC 3655

Meet Jess

Happy Saturday peeps. Tattooed Girls Rock, meet Jess… I did this shoot yesterday with Jess, it was a blast and we got some some good stuff. If you scroll down there is a photo of my set up. I used 3 lights, on some only 2.

On a different note, if you live in Miami tonight is the Wynwood art walk and I am hosting a photo walk there. Come support your local art scene. See you there… Spread the love peeps and happy shooting.

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Daily Photo-NOH8

I shot this last week for the NOH8 campaign, do your part peeps. Check out the official site

DSC 91931


By Edin Chavez