Diplo Jingle Ball Miami 2016

Here is the last show of the Jingle Ball Tour 2016 I heart Radio puts up every year. I was working with them shooting some time lapse of the show but of course I was also enjoying the show. One of the many perks of having all access to this kind of shows is that not only do you get to shoot them all but you also get meet all the artists and hang with them before they hit the stage.


First day of the year sunset Meetup

Lets get the year started the right way and get together for the first sunset of 2017.

We will meet at Maurice Gibb Memorial Park in Miami Beach and shoot the sunset. There is plenty of parking.

The sunset is at 5:41PM so lets meet at 5 O’clock to get set up and chat.

This is completely FREE so bring your friends and family and just hang out. If you do not have a fancy camera, cell phones are ok. The sunsets are amazing here.


Hot August Nights

Hot August Nights is an incredible event that takes place in Reno Nevada. If you like cars, from new cars to classic cars this is the place to be. Thousands of people from around the world gather here with an insane collection of cars from old to new. This is a great family event or a great place to check out some wicked rides.

I my self love cars, and this place is eye candy, I have been attending this event since I was 15 years old, yes that long. If you ever get a chance to attend you should, there are great concerts, awesome street food, and of course some insane collector cars.
















Miami Beach Sunrise This Morning

Here is my favorite from todays Miami Beach Photography Workshop. I love doing this workshops they are so much fun. Loads of awesome photographers always show up and I end up making lifetime friends with most of them. It’s amazing how this has changed my life. Everyone learns awesome techniques and there is nothing better then photography talk with this view at six in the morning.

Below is the edit of the photo, even though I can’t shoot a lot when I’m teaching, I always try to sneak one or two photos in :)

Sunrise workshop (42 of 105)-1

Sunrise workshop (105 of 105)-1

When I showed up to the beach to shoot the sunrise you won’t believe what I found

At first this event sounded like a good idea, perhaps if you are young and like to party this could be for you. I personally do not like large crowds and rather spend time on the beach alone or with a close group of friends.

This event is called Floatopia and its supposed to raise awareness about painting the beaches clean and pollution. Let me tell you it did just the opposite.

Here is a video and some aerial photos of the actual party. 100,000+ people showed up.

Floatopia Aerial (94 of 117)

Floatopia Aerial (89 of 117)

Floatopia Aerial (80 of 117)

Ok now here is a video of the next morning and photos that will shock how the beach was left.

Miami Beach Trash (224 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (197 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (156 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (85 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (82 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (76 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (73 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (67 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (66 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (58 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (49 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (45 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (43 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (28 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (27 of 238)

Miami Beach Trash (6 of 238)

What do you think? Crazy right how we can just destroy our own planet.

I felt compelled to make this videos and take this photos in order to create awareness. We must stop this madness and take care of the planet we live in.

#MiamiBeach #Floatopia #FloatopiaMiami #edincahvez

Everglades Fun Reel

The Everglades National Park is an incredible place. I love it so much because it is unlike any place in the planet, it can be a bit intimidating if you are unfamiliar with it, but once you make a few gator friends and they show you around, its a walk in the park.

Check out this fun reel I made so you can get a taste of what going on an Everglades adventure with me is like. You can find out more here and see more pics.