This is one of the most beautiful places in the planet to watch a sunrise, however I have a love hate relationship with this particular place. I love going here and clearing my head and be one with the mountains. I don’t know why I can never get the photograph that I want, what is in my head and what I feel never seems to translate correctly when I photograph this particular spot.

I have photographed it hundreds of times and I am yet to get that one shot. This is the closest I have gotten. I was with my wonderful mother this particular morning, we woke up at 4 am and drove to this place from Reno NV to watch the sunrise. We ended up hiking down the mountain to the lake and back up. I had an amazing time with my beautiful mother. This was one of those days I will never forger :)

I will keep trying to get the shot I am looking for. A perfect excuse to keep coming back to this amazing place.

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Emeral Bay Lake Tahoe Sunrise