A bit About Me

About Me

Thank you for dropping in!!! Welcome to my photography travel blog. This is a place where I share my photos and short stories from travels and current locations. I also share photography tips, tricks, and go on some random rants!!!

I am a dreamer, an explorer, spontaneous, and adventurous. I will try anything once and probably do it again. I love to laugh and spread smiles. I believe in being happy and living in a happy world. I love animals and learn from them every day, in fact, I love animals so much I do not eat them. I believe in sharing, love, prosperity, and happiness for all. I think we all have a purpose in the world.

I love to skateboard, ride motorcycles, drive fast cars, and of course photography. I love laughs over good food and a cold beer. My name is Edin Chavez, and my philosophy in life is simple, smile, love and live to your full potential. Never look back and wish what you could have done, go out and do it!

I love to be outdoors, and I like to take photos. I’m addicted to coffee, documentaries, blue cheese, hot sauce and of course traveling.

Are you still reading? Ok ok, I’ll get a bit deeper…

Photo by Jaci Peña

So what brought me here? Where did I come from?

My entire life I have been kind of an oddball, full of energy and a bit out there. I love working with my hands, and I have a crazy imagination. I was never really good at academics, in fact, I’m dyslexic and can’t focus for more than a fraction of a second on anything, especially on boring serious topics. My imagination starts wondering to exciting places.

Fast forward to college, I only attended to please my parents, I hated it so much, I always felt like I was being punished, I did three years of this nonsense, and one day I got up from one of my classes, left my books on the desk and never looked back. I will always remember that day, I was thrilled. One good thing did come out of college, I took a 6-month photography class that would change the course of my life.

Fast forward to adulthood.

Shortly after dropping out of school I started working in construction, painting houses, and I actually liked it a lot, I was always working outside, and I was working with my hands running up and down ladders, and guess what? I was really good at it. A couple of years went by, and I quickly realized that I could run my own show, like most of my life I don’t really like to follow, I want to lead. So I typed out a flyer, went to print shop and had 1,000 brochures printed. At this point I was committed, I started knocking on doors in wealthy neighborhoods offering my painting services to homeowners, 99% of the time I got a door shut on my face, but never discouraged I kept on going.

5 years later I had my own painting business, 50 employees, full office staff and I were one of the biggest nonunion painting companies in Northern Nevada. I was really, really good at what I did, I had scholars, and the competition comes to my office asking for advice. I had made it right? I had more money than I knew how to spend, the house of my dreams, and every toy you could possibly imagine (well almost). But there was always something missing…

Photo by Jaci Peña

Every night I would get home, and I was not happy, I was using all my energy to run a business. Even though I was passionate about my business it was not making me happy, something was missing, my creative juices were locked in in a basement somewhere. I needed to get out, I needed to find a creative outlet and unleash all my creative juices and energy into something that I loved, that’s how photography found its way back into my life.

I left behind a multi-million dollar business I had created, I left behind everything I had ever known, I left behind family, friends, and an excellent life I created for my self, all to pursue a dream and happiness, but this time it’s for my person.

This was 6 years ago, and I can tell you that it has not been easy and I have a long way to go, but this time is for the love of the craft not for survival. I know what is like to be a starving artist, but I’m not afraid, I also know how to run a big successful operation. I love to take chances I mean what’s the worse that can happen?

Since I started my photography career I have been all over the world, met some fantastic people that have touched my life in the most positive ways, I have seen things that most people will never understand and experience in a lifetime, so if you ask me I made the right choice, I am delighted and better yet happy to have found my calling, so yes, I made the right decision.

To me photography is not a job or a hobby, it is indeed is my life., and I love every bit of it. Rich or poor, I will always take photos, nothing will ever stop this. That’s my life story in a few sentences, so thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read a bit about me. If you wanna chat, Id love to learn about you, I’m sure you have an exciting story, so drop me a line below and let’s hang out!!!

Photo by @jaci Peña