Lightroom B&W Editing Video Course

In by edin chavez

Lightroom B&W Editing Video Course for a limited time only $29.99

Are you new to Lightroom or simply want to improve your skills?

My 4 B&W Lightroom editing tutorial videos will help you do just that. Start creating stunning images right away. I have also included 4 B&W presets and my Mastering B&W photography ebook.

In this 4 videos I will cover lots of different techniques including:

The crop tool, spot removal tool, global adjustments, local adjustments, the basic panel, white balance, split toning, Dodging and Burning, presence, detail panel, lens corrections, sharpening tool, profile correction. All in very easy to understand videos and you can follow along.

With this easy to understand videos you will improve your skills and start creating some incredible images.

To download just click the button below, once you pay the videos will be available for INSTANT download. I have also included the 4 presets for the images I edit in the videos. Please feel free to ask me anything or leave a comment below.