Landscape Photography Tutorial

The Art of Landscape Photography

In by edin chavez

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Master your landscape photography skills. In this complete video tutorial course you will lean how to create incredible compositions, master your camera settings, and master your editing process so you can develop a style people can start recognizing you for. I cover everything you need to know to create incredible landscape photographs. I will walk you through each photo explain composition and the complete editing process.

I have been lucky enough in my photography career to have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry such as National Geographic, Nikon and USA today to name a few.

During this time I have learned so much about photography and everything it takes to create beautiful images. I have also been lucky enough to have spent time with some of the best photographers in the world today.

In this course I will teach you The art of Landscape Photography. I cover everything from my gear, to settings, to the most important aspect of photography, composition.

By using my techniques, you will learn how to develop a signature look in your photographs that people can start recognizing you for.

Best gear for landscape photography
The art of story telling
How to create beautiful compositions
The best times to shoot and take advantage of great light
The importance of repetition
Lightroom shortcuts that will cut your editing time in half
All videos are easy to follow along and understand so you can focus on your creative side
Bonus Material-cityscapes and creating stunning reflections
The entire course in available for download right away
All RAW files included
Lightroom Presets included
And much, much more.