DJI Phantom Vision 2 review

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DJI Phantom Vision 2 review:  Good morning everyone, so I have been asked by many to review the DJI Phantom Vision 2, here are my thoughts on it. Most importantly look at the photos and you decide if this is a good unit or not. I love mine and think its a cool affordable little unit with lots of potential. (click on the photo on the right to see the specs and price)

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When it arrived to my house it arrived in a really nice box, very well packaged. You have to put it together but its really simple, very self explanatory. They even give you tools incase you aren’t the handy type and don’t have any.

The company claims this is really easy to fly, but I completely disagree. This is by no means a toy and it can be rather difficult to fly. You have to have a very good sense of directon  and be very coordinated. You also have to have good eyes, this thing will disappear in the sky. One thing is for sure, you will crash its just a matter of time. (I have seen many people crash this to complete destruction, I have crashed mine too, just not too bad) Be prepared for it. You also have to be careful not to hurt anyone around you including your self, trust me its not that hard to crash this thing into to your head.

The battery:  On a full charge you can fly for about 25 minutes, trust me this is plenty of time to get the job done (unless you just want to play around).  I purchased an extra battery, thats just how I roll. If you are a serious photographer and are planning to use it a lot, I suggest you get an extra battery or two. Its nice to always have a full charge, specially during on a road trip.

The Camera:  The camera is not very good, its mediocre at that. That being said, it will get the job done. The camera is capable of shooting both, JPEG and RAW files. The images you can get are good, not cover of a magazine good, but still really good if you spend a little bit of time on post. I use Lightroom but you can use any editing software out there to edit your files. (I have never tried the video on it)

My over all thoughts:  I think this is a very good affordable unit. You can use it for fun or use it for work, either way for the price you can’t beat it. I am very happy with mine, and even though I wish the camera was a bit better, for the price you can not beat it. Its compact, its light and the best part about it, you can see what you are shooting before you click the shutter.

I hope this was helpful to you guys, if you have any questions please drop me a line below. If you have one Id love to hear your experiences with this thing.  But most importanly I think the photos speak for themselves good or bad, this were all produced but the DJI Phantom Vision 2. This are both RAW and JPEGs. Can you tell witch one is witch?

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All photos are taken in Miami Beach Florida and surrounding areas.

  • Norman Hirsch says:

    great photos! forgot it’s main selling attraction was video.

  • nidibou says:

    Really impressive!

  • Geno says:

    Excellent aerial photos… Ive been looking to get one of these for a while now… Almost bought the Vision + couple weeks ago but the camera looks sketchy and plus the new GoPro 4 is coming out soon… So thinking maybe the Phantom 2 with the H3-3D gimbal and GoPro 4??? What are your thoughts on this??? Thanks man

  • Awesome photography…!!!

  • edwin says:

    superb photography

  • Alberto says:

    Well Edin, after watching some photos by you, I can assure you that I’m ready for your next workshop, you have some great talent and i want to learn from you buddy.
    coño, what great videos too…’re good.Let me know about your next workshop in Miami please.Thanks.