How and when to use your visualize spots tool in Lightroom

Yesterday I posted this photograph so if you’d like to find out the exact details about it go to yesterday’s post.

I created this video to show you how and when to use your visualize spots tool. This is a very important tool when it comes to removing sensor spots. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to clean your sensor often and if you can’t do it yourself or take it in this is when this tool comes in really handy.

When I see people’s photos and they are really really nice but they have sensor spots it takes all the goodness away from a beautiful photo. It is important that when you spend so much time editing a photo you finish it off my cleaning all the sensor spots. A trained eye will always see these sensors spots first and immediately be turned off.

In this video I will show you how to take care of your sensor spots if you have any questions please leave them on the comments below and please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more awesome tutorials and cool videos.

Rhyolite Ghost town Long Road

On our way to Rhyolite Ghost Town you have to go down this road. It looks like it goes forever and into a different planet once it enters a different galaxy.

I have seen this road in many pictures before and never realize how long it really is. When you get there it’s one of those places you have to just jump out of the car and take a picture of it whether you’re a photographer or not.

We hung out here for about 15 minutes, and we couldn’t get enough pictures of this road. When suddenly cars started pulling over and taking pictures with us, it was really really cool to see the same reaction on other peoples faces.

Camera Settings: 1/125 sec f 14 ISO100 (both photos same settings)

Rhyolite Ghost Town Road-1

Rhyolite Ghost Town Road-2

Rhyolite Ghost Town Dinner

Rhyolite Ghost Town Dinner is located right outside Royolite. It is a really cool place and has a feel of a Hometown diner. When I walked in I immediately pulled on my camera and took this photograph. I couldn’t help but to smile, everything just looks so cool, it’s quiet and it smells like home.

Camera Settings: 1/60 f2.8 ISO 100


Death Valley Nevada

I had never been to Death Valley before, when I got there I soon realized why its called that. This place is so crazy, I have seen many photos but never imagined what it is like. This place is incredible, being there made me feel like a tiny little speckle of dust. Its so quiet, so empty so lonely, and I got lost in it all. I can not wait to go back and spend some sleepless nights there.

Here is a self portrait I took shortly after sunset, I was lost in space….

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