I woke up this weekend to shoot the sunrise, unfortunately it was not very picturesque. I felt great to be out there, but the sky was flat, there were no colors and it was just boring for a photos.

This is where my creativity kicked in. I brought some tortillas from home (I know I’m super Mexican) in case this happened. I’m always super prepared, and I’m glad. I started throung tiny pieces to the air for the birds to come and I could get some sort of shot acoomplished, not oly that but it was fun messing around with my friends on the beach at 6:30am

The first pic is me, I put the cam on a tripod on a timer and let it fire while I was running around like a maniac. The second shot was more of what I was aiming for.

Sunrise 98 of 111

Settings: 1/125 F10 ISO 100

Sunrise 49 of 111

This is where you can find me in the mornings shooting the sunrise. If you are ever around come say hi.