Shot of the Day-Walking towards you

I love black and white photos, I love color too, but lately I’m just feeling the black and white. This is a little path next to the beach, I go on a bike ride here almost everyday. This particular day there was a storm coming in and before I knew it I was drenched. I love it, its no fun if nothing crazy happens right?

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Walking towards you

  • Ranae Arnold says:

    I love black and white also. At first this photo gave me a chilling effect. I also love thunderstorms despite the dangers I would have loved getting caught in this one! ~Ranae

  • edinchavez says:

    Thank you Ranae, it was lots of fun

  • Gemma says:

    Great lighting on the Walking picture! It’s fantastic.

  • edinchavez says:

    Thank you Gemma :)

  • jax says:

    the palms in the distance stand out..i really enjoy this one edin! simple

  • edinchavez says:

    Thank you Jax, you gotta shoot this next time your in South Pointe