Shot of the Day-The Creation Under The Rainbow

I was cursing around the beach yesterday when I cam upon this, this is right by my house, its called The Creation, its the Holocaust Memorial here in Miami Beach. I have shot this before you can see it here, but never surrounded by the rainbow, it was really cool to see :)

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The Creation Under The Rainbow

  • Ranae Arnold says:

    This is an amazing photo! It’s like it was designed just for you and you got a lucky shot! This is really beautiful Eden! ~Ranae

  • edinchavez says:

    Thank you Ranae, I was at the right place at the right time :)

  • lLourdes says:

    en el momonto justo, vivir en south beach es como vivir en una fotografia, todo es belleza. linda foto….

  • edinchavez says:

    Gracias, vivir aqui es vivir en un paraiso.